Mask "Blue Anubis" Grey

€9.90 €11
NB! Deliver 2-4 working days!

All masks in the collection are hand-made in Estonia. Wear NRTN mask to keep yourself and others safe while being stylish. The mask effectively covers the entire face and nose to prevent the spread of germs and droplets.
Let the mask enhance your individual style, a wide range of different color combinations and patterns give you the opportunity to be truly individual. The comfortable material of the masks, which does not lose its shape even when the mask is used repeatedly, makes wearing it comfortable and even enjoyable.

The mask is reusable if you follow simple rules. Always keep the mask in the grip bag that comes with the mask to prevent it from getting dirty and to prevent possible contact with germs.
Size: one size fits all
Material: neoprene
  • hand wash after each use
  • or machine wash at 40 to 60C

NB! The mask has not been medically tested. In addition to wearing a mask we strongly advise to abide by all the rules provided by the Estonian Government and the Republic of Estonian Health Board for preventing the spread of the virus. Stay healthy and fashionable.

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