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Mini Butterfly Brooch "Sassy Sunbeamer"

Watch out, here comes the Sun!
Bright and joyful, she has a hidden gift of making the world around her a brighter and a happier place. She will bring smiles to even the most serious faces and help them forget (even if only for a second) about their obligations to focus on enjoying the present moment. You might want to wear sunglasses when wearing this beauty because her vibe can bring the sun out!
The Mini Butterfly Brooch collection is designed in response to popular demand by many mothers. Smaller in size, but equally charming.


  • vegan leather
  • brooch needle

Size: 4.3 x 3.4 cm

Gift Box: the product comes in a classy gift box, which makes it ideal for gifting or using it as a nest for the butterfly to keep it safe and sound!

All Kuma Design brooches are crafted by skilled artists using vegan leather, high-quality materials and expressive colours. Choose the one that best captures the essence of your soul. And don’t forget your friends and loved ones.

Kuma Design brooches make an excellent gift - a truly eye-catching statement for expressive types!

In case you are ordering for an important day, please leave the date in the designated area in the check-out process. This way we can take it into account. 


All KUMA Design orders are delivered on average in 2-3 working days to the Smartpost parcel terminal of your choice. All orders over 60€ are delivered for free. Whereas, for orders under 60€ a delivery fee of 2.50€ will be charged. You are always free to return the product in 14 days after receiving it.


All KUMA Design orders to European countries are shipped in 2 working days and the average delivery time is dependent on the country of destination. All orders over 100€ are delivered free of charge. Whereas, for orders under 60€ a delivery fee of 5.50€ will be charged. You are always free to return the product in 14 days after receiving it.

 Country of Destination Average Delivery Time

Austria, Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Switzerland

3-5 working days

Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, France, Portugal, Great Britain, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia

4-6 working days

KUMA Design butterfly brooches are made by skilled Estonian artisans using high quality materials. Choose a butterfly best suited for your nature and you will not go unnoticed.

KUMA Design is inspired by nature and considers it important that all products are environmentally friendly, making all butterfly brooches come from vegan leather.

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