Wooden Lifestyle

Wooden Bow Tie "Griseo"


A variety of precious wood types that have been finished with natural oil wax have been used to create 3D wooden bow ties. Each finished wooden bow tie is unique thanks to the unrepeatable texture of the wood. 

There are two sizes for men in our wooden bow tie product range: M and L. 

Size M is mainly designed for men but fits also ladies.
Width: 11 cm
Length of the adjustable cord: 26 - 47 cm
Weight: 15 g

Size L is designed for men with a larger neck circumference.
Width: 12 cm
Length of the adjustable cord: 33 - 58 cm
Weight: 18 g

Material: walnut
Gift Box: the product will arrive in a classy gift box

Wooden Lifestyle wooden bow ties are honest Estonian design and handcraft.  




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