Facial Roller "ROLLIK"

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Green jade skin care roller is made of semi-precious stones and is also a beauty tool used in facial massage. Jadeite is a stone belonging to the jade family. Symbolizes abundance, love, loyalty and good health. The crystal is not only aesthetic, but also plays a big role, it is cool to the touch. Some enthusiasts keep the roller in the fridge.

Cold sensation combined with pressure on the face has been used effectively for centuries. The reason is very simple: the cold restricts blood flow in the area and the pressure causes the lymph fluid to move to the lymph nodes, which in turn filter the toxins in the body.

The benefit of a jadeite roller is to improve the blood and lymphatic system to look even brighter, with more elastic skin and enjoy life without swelling in any part of the face. The roller makes daily skin care even more convenient, because when applying a face balm or oil, you can direct the right amount to where it is needed most.

Use: The large roller tip fits well on the face and neck, and the small roller tip fits well around the eyes. The roller has a particularly good attachment, which ensures a sound-free rolling experience. Always start rolling upwards from the neck area. When rolling through different areas, make a face-to-face in the middle and always roll from the center to the edges.

Suitable for applying cream or oil to pre-cleansed skin both in the morning and in the evening, supports their absorption and intensifies the effect. Always clean the roller after use.

Material: jadeite

NB! Because it is a natural crystal, each one is a bit different from the one shown in the picture.

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