Ehestu is an e-gallery focusing on introducing and selling Estonian artists’ and designers’ products, offering a curated selection of fine jewellery and design. Our goal is to offer Estonian artists an elegant environment that is worthy of creation, thus enabling customers who value specialty to purchase local and extraordinarily beautiful jewellery and design products. We believe that we play an important role in popularizing Estonian jewellery and product design - as a more viable alternative to mass production abroad – as well as in promoting the ever-changing creative landscape.


Ehestu's e-gallery started as a student company on October 2, 2015, at the Tallinn Secondary School of Science. With a successful run at the Junior Achievement program for student companies, we decided to proceed as a real company in 2016. Today, the founding members are acquiring higher education abroad: universities in Rotterdam, Manchester and Oxford. 

Our Principles

Ehestu loves Estonian artists and their masterful products and is exceptionally committed in introducing them both in Estonia and elsewhere in Europe. Our website and policies are embedded in our art and customer focus, creative joy, transparency and artist-friendliness.