Keiu Koppel

Brooch "Ikarose Lend" with Natural Transanite - Ehestu's Special Edition


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This is a unique piece of jewellery!

Bright-eyed insects are all unique pieces that were born for the art installation 'Flight of Icarus,' which depicted jewellery flying in the light. The initial flock of insects has flown their separate ways, making stops at art exhibitions both here and there, across the border. Physically, the original raft is now scattered around the world, but in terms of numbers and population, it is still growing. The series of insects that grew out of 'Icarus Flight' consists of insects made of silver, titanium and glittering stones. Each piece of jewelry in this series is a unique piece made of semi-precious stones, synthetic stones, of silver and titanium. The earring locks are very strong because silicone is hidden inside the silver back to prevent your favorites from disappearing. The jewellery arrives in a black gift box.

At night, just at the end of summer, when it is dark, you can see insects flying towards burning lamps and other light sources. To this day, scientists do not quite agree on how to explain the phenomenon. What is certain is that these insects have such a strong urge to fly into the light that it is often fatal for them. There is also a motif in ancient Greek mythology of burning one's wings. Namely, Ikaros also died, when he flew too close to the sun with wings made of his father's wax and feathers. The sun melted the wax and he stumbled out of the sky falling into the sea.
Length41 mm x 25 mm 
Weight: 6.87 g
  • silver 925
  • natural transanite
  • synthetic opal
Gift Box: the jewellery will arrive in a classy gift box

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