Bangle "Coco"

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Adjustable in size, this lightweight bangle is a perfect companion for both – formal occasions and romantic encounters. It’s oval shape keeps the bangle from spinning around. Suggested to be accompanied by Coco ring.

COCO collection design transmits the message that ‘less is more’ and ‘quality is everything’ in a perfectly chic and lightweight way. All pieces are made from silver and decorated with white Akoya pearls from Japan that touch the skin of a wearer – creating an intimate relationship with a precious gemstone. Pearls improve their luster when worn next to the skin as the natural oils of a person wearing them keep them moisturized.

COCO collection objects represent a woman with a mind and attitude, a lady with a class. A class as a work of art of recognized and established value, that is there to stay, to be remembered and valued. This collection confirms that one cannot buy morals, intelligence, and class; one has to pursue and live it.

Weight: 16 g
  • open front (size can be adjusted)
  • S, M, L


  • 14K rose gold plated sterling silver
  • grey Japanese Akoya sea pearl

Gift Box: the piece of jewellery will arrive in a classy gift box

NB! Every pearl is unique meaning that the ordered jewellery may deviate from the one depicted on the picture.

Important to know:

Keep your pearls away from perfume, hairspray and fake tan.

Wipe pearls after use to remove any trace of perspiration or perfume.

A storage place that is too dry or airless, for example, a sealed plastic bag, will dry the pearl.
If pearls are carelessly stored in a jewellery box with other harder materials like diamonds or metal they will be scratched.

Never clean pearls with a toothbrush or scouring pad. Rub the pearl with your fingernail to remove the offending article. Fingernails have the same hardness as pearls and will therefore not scratch their surface. But the safest way to clean Your pearls is to have them cleaned by a reliable jeweller.
With proper care pearls will give their owner a lifetime of pleasure.

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