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ARRAK TRYPTICH 1965 silk scarf is based on artwork of a famous Estonian painter Jüri Arrak – Tryptich (1965).

Nature and art are two variants of one phenomenon, because everything is based on energies and it is difficult to understand at first glance. You have to find the end of the road on which to start walking, and then it becomes clear how far you will get in life, because the goal is never reached,” says the painter.

Original painting: oil on canvas, 50x80cm, Andres Eilart’s private collection.

Size: 70 x 70 cm

Material: 100% twill silk

  • hand-rolled hemming
  • fabrics and printing inks have OEKO-TEX certificate
  • digitally printed

Design: Scarf print based on Arrak’s artwork “Tryptich” (1965).

Gift Box: the product will arrive in a classy gift box
Care instructions: dry cleaning

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