SIMA GINA jewelry

Gilded Lavawave ring N1


NB! Delivery 5-7 working days!

Jewellery is made to order!

The most ergonomic ring from the "Lava" series. The ring seems massive, but the part of the ring on the palm is narrowed for ease of wearing. Hand crafted from sterling silver using recycled silver.

LAVA is a collection of abstract shapes and textures handcrafted with the help of jewelry savvy and an ordinary lighter. Models of jewelry are created entirely by hand - a jeweler, like a sculptor, grinds them out of special jewelry wax and slightly melts them with the fire of a lighter, thereby creating the effect of seething and flowing metal.

SIMA GINA jewelry is made from recycled precious metals.


  • width 2 - 12 mm
  • weight 7 - 8 g

Material: recycled sterling silver, 14K yellow gold electroplating 

Package: jewelry will arrive in a classy gift box.

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