ARRAK “HUMANS” (1966) IN VIOLET BLACK is a two-sided wool muffler for the autumn-winter. The muffler’s print is based on artwork of a famous Estonian painter Jüri Arrak – Humans (1966). 

J​üri Arrak was then, together with ten other young artists, a member of the ANK64 Association, headed by the artist​ T​õnis Vint. These young people wanted to fill, on their own initiative, the gap in Soviet-era art education, where​ there was no teaching of surrealist, abstract and metaphysical art common in western Europe.

My human figure has become a sign system since the 1970s, it is recognizable by its biological flowing form, it is my understanding of the world and the organization of human society. My works deal with people​ and the fuss between them. I paint with my whole being and heart, not for fashion,” says the painter.

The muffler helps you to ward off the curse of the cold and humid weather. Woven from the softest blend of virgin wool and cotton. Brushed for the extra softness. Bundle it around your neck or shoulders to feel the wamth of the accessory.

The whole process of production, from the yarn spinning, fabric boiling off or dying, weaving to the stitching of hem, take place in Italy in a small family-owned factory.

Sold as limited collection.

Original painting: Jüri Arrak – Humans (1966), oil on canvas, 76 x 61 cm, private collection.

Size: 70 cm x 205 cm


  • 65% virgin wool
  • 35% cotton
  • jacquard fabric
  • brushed finishing

Care instructions: dry cleaning, cool iron


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