Avocado Pearl necklace


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Jewellery is made to order! 

The Avocado Pearl Necklace is made of genuine baroque pearls. The Avocado Pearl Necklace has gold, silver and green base shines.

The DRIFT collection reflects the dynamics of the Oort Cloud. The Oort Cloud is a spherical layer of icy objects surrounding our sun. Planets drifting in outer space, their unique orbits and their otherworldly beauty inspired the collection DRIFT. A bold, elegant statement with precious natural materials is reflected in the jewellery from the DRIFT collection.

  • baroque Pearls
  • 925 silver oxidized


  • length 450 mm
  • Φ 14-18mm baroque pearls
  • weight 65 gr

Gift box: jewellery arrives in a classy gift box.

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