Tanel Veenre

Brooch "Sõlg"


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Brooch with a touch of Estonian folk culture.

Tanel Veenre’s mischievous and playful brooches are inspired by Estonian folk heritage. The designer aimed to create a bold and colourful series of brooches characteristic of the brand at the most affordable price. The brand’s soul animals – dragonflies, seahorses and seashells – dance on pastel brooches, forming patterns like folk dancers at Estonian dance celebrations. The bright colours of the brooches series are achieved using the cold enamel technique. Tanel Veenre brooches are a personal and at the same time Estonian-feeling accent for both everyday and festive wear.


  • metal
  • cold enamel


  • length: 35 mm
  • weight: 8,2 g

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