Wallpaper "Jelly Fish Pink"

NB! Delivery 10-15 working days!

Let's dive under the water and observe the gracefully drifting jelly fish. Striking, modern and playful wallpaper pattern available in romantic pink, subtle blue and masculine charcoal colors.

 Jellyfish is a symbol of love and balance. For all the ocean and sea lovers!

Perfect for bedrooms, kitchen nooks, halls or cabinets.

Designed by Rita Assor.

Size: 48 x 1000 cm

Material information: 

  • non-woven material, 122 g/qm
  • designed in Estonia, digitally printed with green technology in Germany
  • printing inks have OEKO-TEX certificate
  • resistant to humidity
  • free of PVC, plasticisers and glass fibre
  • solvent-free certified printing ink
  • brilliant print quality, UV-resistant
  • comes with water-soluble powder glue
  • environmentally friendly production process


  • Wall preparation - make sure the wall is smooth and clean. Remove any oil or latex-based paint or wallpaper from the wall.
  • Apply glue to the wall and then glue the wallpaper to the wall.
  • The wallpaper is easy to glue and can be removed as a whole tile years later.

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