Tanel Veenre

Earberries "Mega Bittersweet"


NB! Delivery 1-3 working days!


EARBERRIES is Tanel Veenre Jewellery's most successful series, featuring an unlimited color chart. Simple but voluptuous, Earberries weigh only around 2 to 3 grams making them almost feather-like – you hardly notice wearing them! Earberries are a tactile experience you must see in living colour – reflective ‘cosmic dust’ gives them a unique velvety coating like no other.
  • wood
  • sterling silver
  • cosmic dust

Length: 40 mm

Weight: 3.2 g each

Gift Box: the piece of jewellery will arrive in a classy gift box
NB! Each pair of earrings is unique as it is hand-painted.

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