Earrings Asteroid "Purple"


NB! Delivery 2-4 working days!

It doesn take much to find an inspiration. Just look up to the sky. As an ever mysterious and dense source of speculation, galaxy provides enough imaginative push and colour combinations to be able to produce spectacular pieces of jewellery that look other-worldly.

With GALAXY Collection series, the author tries to capture the mystery of starry skies, galaxies, cosmic colour explosions and unearthly planets.

All materials are allergy-free, cold, hot and shatterproof. Suitable for pierced ears.

NB! Photography is for illustrative purposes and the colour of and actual product received may vary in a shade.


  • composite stone (a mixture of mineral powder, stone dust and water based binder. When hardened its is strong and durable. Ecological and 100% recyclable.
  • 925 silver. 


  • size: 34mm x 18mm
  • thickness: 5 mm
  • weight: ca 4 g

Gift box: jewellery arrives in a classy gift box.

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