Earrings "Les Papillons"

NB! Delivery 2-4 working days!

These iconic butterfly-shape mini earrings fly and call for summer. A best gift to
everyone you care about, designer for every occasion, celebration, night and day.

Transformation is essential to survive, move on, and live more. The master of
change is a butterfly – an animal that undergoes a complete metamorphosis
passing through four stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adulthood, whereas each
stage has a different goal.

LES PAPILLONS collection is inspired by the instantaneous and elusive
beauty of a butterfly. The collection is performed in the classical technique of
processing silver and pink enamel. The pieces are easy to wear and mix with
other jewelry. The collection is designed to bring joy, luck, and romantic mood
to the one who wears it.

Ancient cultures believed that butterflies would bring luck and wellbeing.
Today, butterflies symbolize renewal, celebrations, and life. Transformation
and renewal are life, and one can become whatever he or she wants to be,
just as a butterfly.

Size: 1 cm
Material: 14K rose gold plated sterling silver
Gift box: the jewellery will arrive in a classy gift box

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