SIMA GINA jewelry

Fotosintez earrings "Sprouts"


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Small, unusual earrings that curve around the shape of your earlobe. Ideal for replacing tired studs. They can be worn either horizontally or as regular vertically hanging earrings. Created by hand using ancient Japanese jewelry techniques.

“Fotosintez” is a natural collection in every aspect. From the technology of creation to the shapes and names of each jewelry.
For this series, an ancient and vanishing Japanese jewelry technique - “Mitsuro Hikime” was chosen, a wax composed solely of beeswax and pine resin.
The textures and forms of each piece resemble plants - sprouts, shoots, vines, algae, withering and blooming stems.

SIMA GINA jewelry is made from recycled precious metals.


  • weight: 2.7 g /per earring
  • dimensions: 28 x 8 mm

    Material: recycled sterling silver

    Package: jewelry will arrive in a classy gift box.

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