SIMA GINA jewelry

Fotosintez gilded earrings "Petals"


NB! Delivery 5-7 working days!

Classic long danlgly earrings created by hand using ancient Japanese jewelry techniques.

“Fotosintez” is a natural collection in every aspect. From the technology of creation to the shapes and names of each jewelry.
For this series, an ancient and vanishing Japanese jewelry technique - “Mitsuro Hikime” was chosen, a wax composed solely of beeswax and pine resin.
The textures and forms of each piece resemble plants - sprouts, shoots, vines, algae, withering and blooming stems.

SIMA GINA jewelry is made from recycled precious metals.


  • weight: 7.5 g/per earring
  • length: 5.6 cm

    Material: recycled sterling silver, 14K gold electroplating

    Package: jewelry will arrive in a classy gift box.

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