GIFT BOX – A touch of your love!

NB! Delivery 2-3 working days!

What is it that we really want to give to another person with a gift? Is it things we want them to have? Is it time that we spent on making the gift that matters? Or is it the thought that counts? Can giving a gift be a way of showing our love toward another person?

Bonobo’s “With Love” gift box is about all of the above. It’s the carefully selected skincare products with a scent of love. It’s the exquisite and environment friendly packaging that brings joy to whoever will be opening it. If you pick the products yourself, the gift will have a touch of you in it.

A touch of your love.

The gift box consists of 3 Bonobo products:
  • Lady’s Mantle Face Tonic,
  • Orange & Carrot Body Cream (60 ml) and
  • Avocado & Lemon Lip Balm.

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