SIMA GINA jewelry

Lavawave ring N3


NB! Delivery 3-5 working days!

The third ring from the "Lava" series is handmade using the same technique as the previous two: first, the jeweler created a small ring sculpture from jewelry wax, and then touched it up with a regular lighter. So the metal got that same texture, reminiscent of liquid, boiling lava. Hand crafted from sterling silver using recycled silver.

LAVA is a collection of abstract shapes and textures handcrafted with the help of jewelry savvy and an ordinary lighter. Models of jewelry are created entirely by hand - a jeweler, like a sculptor, grinds them out of special jewelry wax and slightly melts them with the fire of a lighter, thereby creating the effect of seething and flowing metal.

SIMA GINA jewelry is made from recycled precious metals.


  • widest point 10 mm
  • weight 7 - 8 g

Material: recycled sterling silver

Package: jewelry will arrive in a classy gift box.

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