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A limited collection of scented candles by Magrada is now available! The colour of this year is green. This scented candle with a fresh citrusy aroma brings warmth and radiance to your home. The ingredients of the candle include COSMOS-certified organic lemongrass essential oil. The scented candle has a burn time of 30 hours.

paraben-free / vegan / cruelty-free / hand-made / with a minimal list of ingredients.


Usage: Cut the wick to a length of 0.5 cm before lighting the candle each time; this way, the candle burns cleanly and does not produce soot. If the flame becomes too large, blow out the candle, after which you may relight it if you wish. Burn the candle continuously until the whole surface melts – this ensures the candle burning evenly. To extinguish the candle, press the wick into the melted wax with a non-flammable object, then lift the wick out of the wax.

Do not burn the candle for more than four hours in a row. Always burn the candle on a heat-resistant surface, away from flammable objects. The glass around a burning candle may get hot. Keep burning candles away from children and animals. Avoid drafts near the candle. Never leave a burning candle unsupervised.

Ingredients: The list of ingredients may be changed. Please see the packaging for the updated and most accurate list of ingredients.

Package: The can of the product is made of glass and is 100% recyclable.

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