Tanel Veenre

Light Heart Silver Earrings


NB! Delivery 2-4 working days!

XOXO is hugs & kisses in jewellery form.
The earrings and pendants in this series are designed to show your care and love.

The minimalistic, timeless design does not scratch the eye or the heart. There is no fear of tarnishing with this silver jewellery over time, as all models are coated with gold or rhodium and a modern PVD coating, guaranteeing complete durability of the metal surface for years. Just like true love never fades.
The series is playful, typical of the Tanel Veenre brand – you can choose hearts and arrows in just the combo you like. Why not wear two arrows in your ear and a heart around your neck? Or a heart in one ear, an arrow in the other, and an arrow through the heart around the neck?
Material: rhodium plated silver
  • weight: 0.3 g
  • length: 10 mm
Gift box: jewellery will arrive in a classy gift box

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