Natural Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser Nature Breeze

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Natural reed diffuser nature breeze takes you far from the city of stone and steel.

Take yourself far from the city of stone and steel, with the home fragrance of lemongrass. With the freshness of this fragrance, you can clear your head and sharpen your mind.

Lemongrass with its snappy scent brings nature to your home! The aroma of this reed diffuser is intense and is well suited to support the activities that require vitality. Ideal fragrance to get rid of unwanted odors in your home.

Signe home fragrance is made from environmentally friendly natural renewable base and high-quality essential oil, creating a genuine aromatherapy experience.

The intensity of the scent can be adjusted by the number of aroma sticks and the rotation density of the sticks.

Main scent: Lemongrass

Size: 150 ml

Usage: Remove the cap and place the sticks in the bottle. The liquid seeps into the sticks and the odor begins to escape within 24 hours. If the sticks are not completely wet after a day, turn the sticks over, placing the dry ends in the liquid. Place the reed diffuser where the air moves – this will ensure that the smell spreads better in the room. Turn the sticks every few weeks to ensure a more even and stronger aroma. More sticks means more smell – use less sticks in a smaller space and more in a larger one. The aroma of the reed diffuser lasts on average 3-4 months. FOR SAFETY: Caution, liquid may be flammable. Never light a reed diffuser stick. After contact with skin, the liquid may cause an allergic reaction. After contact with skin, wash with soap and water. The liquid can damage textile, wood or plastic surfaces. Keep the reed diffuser out of the reach of children and pets.

Ingredients: The scent is brought to you by a natural soy-based scent distributor. The lemongrass essential oil makes odor and color.

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