Raspberry Seed Oil


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Excellent summer oil with natural UV filter.

Raspberry seed oil is obtained from red raspberry seed.

Raspberry seed oil is a great summer oil, containing more natural UV filter than other body oils. The high proportion of omega fatty acids (nearly 85%) helps to reduce oxidative stress on the skin caused by the sun. Raspberry seed oil has a very high vitamin E content compared to other body oils. Vitamin E nourishes the skin, improves skin elasticity and helps the skin to recover.

Signe Seebid base oils are high quality cold press oils. When cold pressed, the oil retains the aroma and properties of the whole fruit.
Contains no synthetic preservative flavoring or coloring agents. 

Size: 50 ml

Usage: Raspberry seed oil is a good summer oil for face. We recommend using diluted with sunflower or olive oil. Also used as a massage oil by diluting 1/10 with sunflower or olive oil.

Ingredients: Rubus Idaeus Seed Oil

Package: Packaged in eco-friendly packaging.


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