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Two Cents Earrings "Bright Patterned Light" M


NB! Delivery 1-3 working days!
TWO CENTS is a minimalistic jewelry series made from copper cents. For one earring a cent is heated up and passed between two revolving steel cylinders - like letting a train roam over it.

The earrings are very light making them great to wear daily.

The color comes from copper's oxydation, every earring is unique.

Dimensions: 20 mm x 30 mm
Weight: ~2-3 g each

  • copper cents
  • The back is made from non allergic metal

Copper is covered with a thin layer of acrylic to prevent oxidation. Acrylic can be damaged by alcohol, acetone and acids.

Gift Box: the piece of jewellery will arrive in a classy gift box

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